Insurance Update

So I spoke with Aetna on the phone today, and they’ve dropped the pre-existing condition business. Phew! We’ve already received around $30k in statements from the hospital, and those charges don’t even cover all of B’s port surgery or any of his chemo. These are not bills, just statements of what they’re billing the insurance company for, but yikes! We’ve heard that each Neulasta injection (the immune boosting shot that B gets after each chemo treatment) costs about $5k. Still thanking my stars that we didn’t drop our insurance!

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4 Responses to Insurance Update

  1. Mitter and Boo says:

    A H-U-G-E blessing!!

  2. Alayne says:

    Amen, sista!
    Glad to hear they have come to their senses!

  3. Karen says:

    Hospital visits are incredible!! Wow, can’t believe the price of just one shot. So glad for your decision!

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