Post Chemo Report

We made it! B has seen the last of chemotherapy forever, god willing. This is the fifth day since his last treatment and it seems like he is on the upswing of starting to feel better, just in time for us to commence celebrating. His parents will be arriving here in Portland on Sunday and staying for several days, and we are really looking forward to seeing them and celebrating with them. Then we plan to hit the road next weekend for some end of chemo/ 5th wedding anniversary combination celebration. We had originally planned to go up to Vancouver, BC, but after reflecting on our past travels we realized that our most restorative vacations have involved getting away from the city. Thus, we have altered our plans to include a quick stop in Seattle to see our good friends V & C (who just got back from a wicked sick road trip of their own), and then back down to the central and northeasterly regions of Oregon where we plan to climb mountains (or ride cable cars up them), dig for fossils, soak in hot springs, explore ghost towns, see wagon ruts left over from Oregon Trail pioneers, sleep in a tepee, howl at the moon, and otherwise putter around what is supposed to be a very beautiful part of the country, sans cities.

B has an appointment with the radiation oncologist the day before we leave. They’ll make a mold of his body at that appointment, and ink him up with some imitation blue chickenpox that will be strategically located to help them focus the radiation in the right place on future visits. His first radiation treatment will be on the Monday following our return from our vacation. He’ll be getting treatments every day of the week except Saturdays and Sundays for three and a half weeks. After that, they’ll probably do some scans and a follow up with Dr. Urba, and if everything looks good we may be able to schedule a port removal surgery for some time in the near future. I know B will be happy to see that thing go when the time comes.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us (if you’re reading this, I am most likely talking about you) through this difficult time. Every message and gesture of kindness and support means so much. Please continue to keep B in your thoughts / prayers as he commences the second stage of treatment.

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4 Responses to Post Chemo Report

  1. Fern says:

    What a journey. So proud of you guys, both. The end is so near! Enjoy family time, country adventuring, and we’ll see you so soon.

  2. Grandma says:

    Hooray for completion, time to travel, visiting family, time to just “be,”& a wonderful wife , I love you to pieces….

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